Our #ImplementsOfSound features a popular percussion instrument this week. The Tabla has been around for over 5 centuries ! While the roots of the Tabla are still being debated upon, between the Turkish and Mughal armies, the Tabla gained prominence in all the South Asian countries. The versitality of the Tabla is unparalleled hence the percussion instrument can be played in almost all kinds of music. 


About This Product

Taal Sangat is a digital tabla unit with original tabla sounds. Special high compression codec ensures the use of maximum samples and minimum memory. All common taals are available in drut, Madhya, vilambit and ati-vilambit laya.


About This Product

Swar Sangat is a Digital Tanpura unit with super stable and accurate pitch. The basic pitch is directly indicated on the front mounted display for easy reference and it’s range is over 1 octave. A very precise option for fine tuning is also provided. Pancham, Madhyam and Nishad can be selected as desired. Madhyam and Nishad can be separately fine tuned if desired.