The Art of Indian Fusion Drumming featuring Taufiq Qureshi / CD

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This CD captures the full power, energy and diversity of Taufiq’s repertoire in an exciting live studio performance exclusively for Ultimate Guru Music.

Taufiq appears with such accomplished artistes as Chandana Bala on vocals, Sridhar Parthasarathy on mridangam, Ravindra Chary on sitar, Amit Dutt Chaubey on tabla, and Tanmay Deochake on harmonium.

Also featured is a lineup of promising young musicians in two ensemble pieces, one showcasing the diversity of India’s folk and festival rhythms, and the other being Taufiq Qureshi’s Mumbai Stamp, a fun-filled expression of Indian rhythms played on buckets, cans, barrels and homemade percussion.

Track Listing:

  1. Rhythms of India [6:02]
  2. Raag Hindolam [8:45]
  3. Adi Taal [11:17]
  4. Teen Taal [7:49]
  5. Drut Teen Taal [7:14]
  6. Raag Yaman [10:28] 
  7. Dhun [4:52]
  8. Taufiq Querishi’s Mumbai Stamp [11:01]
  9. Voice and Breath [5:53] 
  10. A Word from Ultimate Guru Music [0:30]


Disc Info:
Total duration:  1:13:51
Number of discs: 1
Release year: 2011
Production company: Ultimate Guru Music Pvt. Ltd.

This CD contains the audio portion of tracks on disc one of the 2-disc DVD set “The Art of Fusion Drumming featuring Taufiq Qureshi”. Please check out the DVD for video presentations of these tracks and more.

PRICE : 299 INR (Shipping Extra*)

Raag Yaman - Taufiq Qureshi - The Art of Indian Fusion Drumming - Ultimate Guru Music