Ultimate Guru Concert Grade Dholki

Dholkis have traditionally been used in folk performances. These instruments are generally used in the dance performances like "Lavani". Often, Dholak and Dholki is used interchangeably for the same instrument although that is inaccurate since one hails from Northern India while the other hails from Western India, respectively. There are many variants which are similar to the Dholkis but larger in size or lower in pitch or both. The ones used in Bhangra are called Dhols. The other variants from Northern India are called Dholaks which are roughly the same size but used mostly used as lower pitch variants in folk music.

About This Product

  • Highlights:

    • Excellent wood

The Dholki is a small high pitched drum which is generally used in folk music. The Dholki has found its presence in classical music fusion very recently. The smaller head makes high notes and the larger surface makes low notes.

Ultimate Guru Concert Grade Dholki Features are:

  • Made from the finest quality wood
  • Made by master craftsmen
  • Tuned to perfection (E)
  • Hand made Pudis and 
  • Nut bolt tuning
  • Quality tested by Ultimate Guru Music
  • Made in India

Package Includes :

  • One finely tuned concert grade Dholki


  • Height: 21 inches
  • Bass Drum Face Diameter: 9.5 TO 10 inches 
  • Treble Drum Face Diameter: 6.5 TO 7 inches 
  • Largest Circumference: 30 inches.
  • Weight : 5.2 kgs