Ultimate Guru Concert Grade Dholak

Dholaks have traditionally been used in folk music for centuries. These instruments are age old and are highly popular in the North. There are many variants which are similar to the Dholaks but larger in size. These are called Dhols. The other variants from the western region of India are high pitched and are also used in folk performances. These are called Dholkis. Often, Dholak and Dholki is used interchangeably for the same instrument although that is inaccurate since one hails from Northern India while the other hails from Western India, respectively.

About This Product

  • Highlights:

    • Excellent wood

The Dholak is a traditional folk instrument from North India. The barrel shaped drum has two faces which are covered with membranes. The Dholak is a smaller version of the Dhol but manages to deliver a powerful bass tone with a special paste applied on the skin. The traditional Dhol has a rope that tightens the membranes which is very difficult to tune. The Nut bolt Dholak is a much more convenient in terms of tuning.The instrument, in contrast to most percussive instruments in India, doesn't have any "syahi" on either of its faces. The instrument is used widely in North India. The tunes of the Dholak have also percolated to the east and the west.The Rhythms that are best suited for the sound of the Dholak are, Devotional bhajans, North Indian Folk music, Qawwalis, and Shabad.

Ultimate Guru Concert Grade Dholak Features are:

  • Custom, hand made, hand polished wooden shells
  • Amrao Sheesham wood
  • Nut tuned for convenience
  • Chrome plated bolts and "pattis"
  • Dark varnish on the wood.
  • Hand made pudis
  • Quality tested by Ultimate Guru Music
  • Made in India

Package Includes :

  • One Dholak

Dimensions :

  • Height: 21 inches
  • Bass Drum Face Diameter: 8.5 inches
  • Treble Drum Face Diameter: 6.5 inches 
  • Weight : 7Kg