Master Musicians : Vijay Chavan

Being the son of one of the most renowned Lavani exponents, Vijay Chavan was born with music in his blood. The beats of the Dholki reached his ears way before he was even born. His mother Sulochana Devi has been one of the foremost lavani singers in India. Vijay has been playing the Dholki for over 3 decades and over various folk compositions in Maharashtrain culture. Some include lavani, powada, bharud, gondhal and others. Vijay, a multi instrumentalist and a percussionist par excellence has taken the Dholki beyond the borders of Maharahtra and even India, and has performed internationally with Zakir Hussain in his prestigious Masters of Percussion tours ! 

Take a look at one of the fantastic ensembles from the Masters of Percussion tour that includes Vijay Chavan on Dholki, Zakir Hussain on Tabla, Fazal Qureshi on Tabla, Niladri Kumar on Sitar, Abbos Kosimov on the Doyra, Ram Kishanji on the Nagada, and Dilshad Khan on the Sarangi. 

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Masters of Percussion : Superb ensemble in concert