Implements of Sound : The Dholki

Continuing our love affair with fantastic percussion instruments and master percussionists, we feature the Ultimate Guru Concert Grade Dholki. A power packed folk instrument that manages to deliver some foot tapping rhythm which makes the listener want to stand up and dance !

Dholkis can be made of various types of wood. Traditionally, it was made with ropes but as time progressed and technological advancements allowed the production of metal hooks which made it easier to tune the Dholki. Its believed that having been classified as a folk instrument, the Dholki isnt as exact in tuning as is a Pakhawaj or a Tabla. It is also referred to as a Nal.

Not only is the instrument multi-dimensional, but so are the musicians that play it. Often a Dholki player is an adept singer, a multi instrumentalist and can also shake a leg if he's called upon to do so !

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