Ultimate Guru Gandhar Pancham Concert Grade Sitar

Sitars have been derived from the Veena. Various schools of music pay different kinds of Sitars. The difference between two major models, the Gandhar Pancham and the Kharaj Pancham is the number of main and sympathetic strings. Sitars are made from Red Cedar wood. One well made Sitar can take upto a month to be entirely done.

About This Product

  • Highlights:

    • Excellent Red Cedar wood

Believed to have been derived from the Veena, the Sitar was quickly adapted in Hindustani and Carnatic music. This type of Sitar belongs to the Vilayat Khan style of playing.  This Sitar is made from top quality Red Cedar wood. Sitars can be made in many types and the craftsmanship for each one differs from the other. Sitars with impeccable tuning are a quality norm at Ultimate Guru. Special care is taken that there aren’t any cracks in the wood and no joints in the neck or in the gourd. The Sitar is a Gandhar Pancham style sitar which has 6 main strings and 11 sympathetic strings. It is 48 inches tall and weighs about 3.5 kgs. The facades have handmade celluloid patterns on the borders. The neck-toomba joint has faceted celluloid detailing on the front which lends a sheen to the surface. The dark brown color brings out the contrast between the celluloid detailing and the Sitar color. The metal string-set is made from the best quality steel, copper and bronze. Wooden knobs have a swirled design. Knobs for the sympathetic strings are smaller and made with a plain wooden surface which facilitates the grip on the knob. The sympathetic strings are attached with the celluloid beads. 

Watch the attached video demo for the instrument. 

Ultimate Guru Gandhar Pancham Concert Grade Sitar Features are:

  • Custom made handcrafted Red Cedar wood Sitar
  • Acoustic in nature
  • Gandhar Pancham Model: Has 6 main strings and 11 sympathetic strings
  • Neck and gourd carved from singular pieces. 
  • Professional grade instrument
  • Has minimal design on façade. Has two aviary carvings and small floral designs on the sound box
  • Tuning knobs have swirled carvings
  • Tuning knobs for sympathetic strings have plain design to facilitate grip
  • Micro-tuners are placed on main strings.
  • Dark brown color contrasts beautifully with the celluloid detailing on neck and neck toomba joint.
  • Tuned to perfection
  • Camel bone bridge
  • Jawari made from Ebony.
  • String set made from finest quality steel, copper and bronze.
  • Quality tested by Ultimate Guru
  • Made in India by master craftsman in Miraj, India.
  • HDP Cases / Suitcases for flight travel can be purchased separately.

Package Includes:

  • One Ultimate Guru Concert Grade Sitar
  • Rexene bag


  • Height: 48 inches
  • Largest Circumference at Gourd: 41 inches.
  • Weight: 3.5 kgs
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