Ultimate Guru Concert Grade Tabla

The Tabla is an ancient instrument believed to be devised in the 14th century. Primarily used in Hindustani Music, the Tabla has become a very popular drum all across the globe. Consisting of two drums, one low and the other high in pitch, the pair makes a melodious rhythm when played in tandem.

About This Product

  • Highlights:

    • Excellent wood
    • Excellent tonal quality

The Tabla is a popular drum in Indian music. The set contains two drums.

The Bayan, the Dugga or the bass drum is larger and hence lower pitched and the Dayan, is small hence the high pitched drum. Ultimate Guru Tablas are made from the finest materials available in the market. Hand crafted by master craftsmen, the Tablas are 100% made in India. The features of a good Tabla are that the sound on the kinaar (The sound when the Tabla is struck on the rim) and the Sur (The sound when the tabla is struck on the centre) is produced in the same note. The chaat and the thaap respectively, sound exactly the same, this maintains the consistency of resonance. Our Tablas are tested by professionals and only the best get through our strict quality standards.

Ultimate Guru  Professional Tabla Features are:

  • Handmade Pudis and handwoven gajras.
  • 3.5 Kg Copper Dugga with chrome dimpled finish (Thokyacha tabla). Duggas are heavier than usual so that they sit well while performing.
  • Special light weight Delhi Sheesam wooden (Treble - Right Wooden Drum) head 5 to 5.5 Inches. Variety of original Sheesam but lighter in weight and more durable.
  • Professional grade instrument.
  • Deep tone and Good bass. Optimum skin thickness that retains tuning for a longer period of time.
  • Can be toned to about 1 note lower or half a note higher.
  • Syahi is specially made by hand and minutely crafted to avoid premature cracking. 
  • Quality tested by Ultimate Guru.
  • Made in India by master craftsman.
  • HDP Cases for flight travel can be purchased seperately.

Package includes

  • One finely tuned Ultimate Guru Concert Grade Tabla
  • Base rings
  • Tuning hammer
  • Gattas for tuning
  • Skin covers


  • Height of bass drum : 11 inches
  • Height of treble drum : 10.5 inches
  • Bass Drum Diameter: 10.5 inches (including gajra)
  • Treble Drum Diameter: 7 inches (including gajra)
  • Weight : 3.5 + 4 (Kg) Bass and treble drum together


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