Ultimate Guru Concert Grade Mridangam

The Mridangam is the mother south Indian percussion instruments widely acclaimed for its strong sound rhythmic sounds and distinct tonality. Used in Carnatic music, the Mridangam is made from jackfruit tree/ sheesham wood. The Mridangam has a deep metallic timbre and powerful middle frequency bass sounds. The shyahi on the end of the mridangam is a black paste called satham or karanai which occupies a larger surface area than does the shyahi for the tabla or Pakhawaj. This is placed on two non-homogenous membranes over three layers, which produce the distinct high pitch and harmonics of the mridangam treble drum.

About This Product

  • Highlights:

    • Excellent wood
    • Lowered Gajras

This Mridangam has a deep metallic timbre and powerful frequency bass sounds. The instrment is tuned by tightening the straps on the sides. The Gajras are lowered for playing comfort. The instrument is available in two different tones, G and D. Thereby changing the sizes of the instrument by a few inches. 

Watch the attached video demo for the instrument. 

Ultimate Guru Concert Grade Mridangam Features are:

  • Made from the finest quality jack fruit wood. Polished to a natural wood finish. 
  • Made by master craftsmen from Chennai
  • Tuned to perfection
  • Hand made poodi and mootu
  • Lowered gajras ( mootu) for better comfort while playing. Thumbs will not hit the rim, which is a common and painful complaint for average quality Mridangams
  • Quality tested by Ultimate Guru and checked manually before dispatch. 
  • HDP cases available separately for flight travel. 
  • "Thoppi" or tuning paste for mridangam for excellent bass and "Gamaka" effect,  sold separately
  • Tuning clay also available

Package Includes :

  • One finely tuned Ultimate Guru Concert Grade Mridangam
  • One Mridangam Clape
  • One Mridangam carry bag


  • Height: 24 inches
  • Bass Drum Face Diameter: 9.2 inches (including rim)
  • Treble Drum Face Diameter: 8 inches (including rim)
  • Largest circumference: 36.5 inches (including vadi).
  • Weight : 8.2 kgs
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